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简介英语议论文作文范文       最近有些忙碌,今天终于有时间和大家聊一聊“英语议论文作文范文”的话题。如果你对这个话题还比较陌生,那么这篇文章就是为你而写的,让我们一起来探索其中的奥秘吧。1.学生带手机利弊英语议论文范文











       Recent decades have witnessed the prosperity of the society, and it is an ordinary phenomenon in college that every student possesses a mobile phone. Just as we all know, every coin has two sides. So does the mobile phone.


       Some students think mobile phone can make their life convenient. First, it offers them an acceptable way to keep in touch with their parents, classmates and friends. Second, they can easily surf the Internet at anytime in anywhere to get the message they want to know. Third, the software about study in their mobile phone can help them learn well, such as the E-dictionary.


       While others are against this opinion. For it does harm to their eyesight that watching mobile phone for a long time. Besides, students always cheat in exams with mobile phone ,which led a bad influence on campus. In addition, students always pursue the high quality of the mobile phone, so it brings them great pressure on economy.


       As far as I am concerned, we should treat this question correctly. Mobile phone is a tool to help our life become easy not to let us become its slave .So we should limit the time using it and avoid cheating in exams with it. Only in this way, can it benefit to our life.



       In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream

       means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the

       target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won’t be blind at


       My dream is to become a successful stateman, helping those people who need

       help with their rights. Of course, to be a good stateman is very difficult, but

       I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone satisfied. That's my dream. I want

       to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country. China is a

       developing country which needs good stateman,especially in the countryside and

       distant villages.

       Now I’m a junior student on Grade One, My dream is also that although at

       present I’m good at study, I’ll still try my best to be the study winner. Now

       everything I do is close to my dream. I feel life is fill with hope and is

       colorful, and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.







英语话题作文 篇1

Career or Family: which is more important? 事业或家庭:哪个更重要?

        When asked about their opinion of career and family, people always respond differently. Some people deem it more important to pursue their career, while there are always other people who argue that family should be the number one in one’s life.

        It goes without any question that career plays a key role in our life. In the very first place, career can give us an aim to live on. Without career, much of our living time will be certainly wasted. What’s more, career can provide us with a means to live on. Most of the people earn their income From a job. On the other hand, family is also an indispensable part of life, as many people will admit. Family is always regarded as a place Where we can escape From troubles in life. In addition, we can obtain a sense of belonging to From family. Without it, anyone will feel lonely and desperate.

        In my opinion, career and family are not in opposition to each other. Rather, they can enhance each other so that one’s life can become better and better. Therefore, it’s not a choice between right and wrong, but one between ideal and practical.




Work Freelance or Work for Boss? 做自由职业者还是帮老板打工?

        Nowadays more and more people choose to work freelance instead of work for somebody else. It is a shame to work freelance in the old days, people would said that the one who are self-employedis a lazy man, and this kind of job is not security, they fear of instability. However,the conception is changed, work freelance has been widely accepted by public,me included.


        In the first place, one of the biggest advantages of work freelance is that you are the master of your time. Once you areself-employed, you are able to manage your time by your own wish. You do not have to get up very early in the morning, especially in a cold winter morning,and take a crowded bus in case you will not late for work, which links directly to your salary. For me, I would love to stay home in my pajamas rather than fight through traffic so I can sit in a cubicle all day.


        In the second place, work freelance is awonderful gift for an introvert. As you can see, if you are working outside,you can not avoid to working with others. It might be hard to deal with different people in the office. There is one more thing that you can not avoid,which is your social duties, drinking and eating. You can’t say no to this, or you will said bye to your job. As we know, too much food or wine is not good for our body, but as long as the cline feels happy, no one will care too much of their body.


        To sum up, each type of work style has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is your choice. I think working should bea happy thing, if it isn’t, your life will be a sadly hell.


The Reasons for the Occurrence of left-behind children 留守儿童出现的原因

        In recent years, more and more left-behind children have been brought into the public and aroused more and morepeople’s attention.Those children are left in their hometown in the countryside and one or two of their parents are goingout to earn money are called “left-behind children”.


        So why are there somany left-behind children in our country now? First, the fast development ofbig cities is a main reason. The fast-developed cities provide more chance of employment and higher-salary jobs appeal to a lot of migrant workers. Second, the pursuit of a better life is another reason. The farmers or the workers in the countryside would like to lead a better life and create a better condition for their children. They consider that going out to earn more money is easier to satisfy their children’s need. Finally, the increase of population in countryside also account for the reason. With the increase of population, peoplein the countryside can not get enough land to work and support their family. Therefore,those younger people have to go out to find other ways to make their living.


        In a word, the occurrence of left-behind children is not caused by a single factor. All of us know that children shouldnot be separated with their parents for a long time, but we also need to takeother factors into consideration so that we can understand the real purpose ofour parents’ choice.




        几年以前我家只有一间小屋。三个人住一间屋真是艰难。现在我们已经搬进了一套两室一厅 的单元房。我非常高兴。当我父母做. . . , 我能. . . 。我爱我的家

        1. a few years ago, family, have one small room

        2. it, be, three people, in the same room

        3. now, a new flat(单元房), one living room, two bedrooms

        4. be happy, my homework, quietly, my own room, my parents

        A few years ago, my family had only one small room. It was very hard for three people to live in the same room. Now we have moved into a new flat with one living room and two bedrooms. I'm very happy. I can do my homework quietly in my own room when my parents do the housework or other things. I love my home.

论独立自主 Of Independence

        Nowadays, most children, who are the only child in the family, are given too much love by their parents. It is because that they are protected from hardship and difficulties, they become less independent. However, a spoiled child will have a hard job to live in this competitive society. We should know the fact that no parents can keep a good company with their children for the whole life. Thus, parents should encourage their children to do whatever they can, so as to develop their abilities of independence.


A Report 一个报告

        A Report(报告)

        To: Director , Center of Equipment Service

        From: Director , Exchange Center

        Subject: Purchase of a printer

        Dear Sir,


        Last week, we wrote you a report applying to buy a new printer. This is to remind you of the urgency of our need.


        As we said in our last report, there has been a sudden increase in our correspondences with foreign colleges and universities. Our printer, old and unusable, can not meet the increased demand. Therefore, we were applying for a new one.


        We hope that you can furnish us with it as soon as possible, so that our work will not be further delayed. Thank you for the trouble.


        Yours sincerely,


        Director Li


英语话题作文 篇2


        实现有效的沟通,建立良好的人际关系,不仅要善于表达,更要善于倾听。请你根据表格中所提供的信息,写一篇题为“Being a Good Listener”的英文演讲稿。




        Being a Good Listener

        Good afternoon,everyone!

        Today I’d like to share my ideas of “Being a Good Listener” with you.

        Thank you for your listening!


        Being a Good Listener

        Good afternoon, everyone!

        Today I’d like to share my ideas of “Being a Good Listener” with you.

        Good listening can always show respect and build good relationships with people.

        Parents should listen to their children, so they will understand them better and trust each other. Teachers should also listen to their students so that they can increase their understanding and improve relationships. Students should listen to their classmates, then their friendship will be increased and they will help each other.

        We’d better be patient while listening. Don’t forget to keep silent while listening. In a word, good listening can really make us get closer to each other.

        Thank you for your listening!

英语话题作文 篇3

        例1:报纸和网站是当今两大主要媒体。请根据下表内容,以 Newspapers and Websites 为题,用英语写一篇短文,简要介绍这两种媒体的优缺点。

        报 纸

        1. 传统媒体,天天更新,信息可靠2. 携带方便,随时随地可以阅读3.仅有文字和

        网 站

        1. 新兴媒体,信息更新速度快2.依赖于电脑及互联网3. 包含文字、、音频和视频


        1. 短文必须包括表中所有内容,可以适当发挥;2. 词数:100-1203. 参考词汇:更新update;音频audio;视频video

        Newspapers and Websites

        Newspapers and websites are two major new media in the world today, both of which can provide us with lots of news and information. But they’re different in some ways.

        Newspapers enjoy a longer history and often come out daily with more reliable news and information. They can be carried and read almost anywhere you like. So many people like reading them. But they can only contain texts and photos.

        On the other hand, websites are quite new and popular, especially among young people. Websites have not only texts with pictures but also audios and videos, which makes stories more interesting. What’s more, they are updated from time to time. So the latest news is always seen on websites instead of in newspapers. But it is not quite convenient for people without a computer connected with the Internet to get information from websites.

        例2:目前,一些诸如GG, MM, Xia Mi 等网络语言在青少年中极为盛行,并且出现在家庭作业报告,甚至全国入学考试的作文中。请你以 Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited (禁止)?为题,根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文,并谈谈你自己的看法。

        一些同学认为网络语言生动、时尚 网络语言充满幽默与智慧 使网上聊天更快捷




        1. 短文开头已经给出,不计入总词数;2. 词数:100左右3. 参考词汇:生动的vivid;智慧intelligence

        Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited?

        At present, Internet Slang, such as GG, MM, Xia Mi, has become popular among the teenagers.

        原文来源: 高考英语作文:高考英语话题作文范文 有关“网络”

        There are different opinions on Internet Slang. Some students think Internet Slang is vivid, fashionable and full of humor and intelligence. Besides, it makes chatting on the Internet quicker.

        However, some other students think Internet Slang lacks depth of thought and is too simple. Also, it is hard to understand and not accepted by most people. The words sometimes might make people confused, even resulting in misunderstanding.

        Every coin has two sides. In my opinion, living in the Information Age, if we don’t know the Internet Slang, we seem to fall behind the times. It will be OK as long as these terms are used correctly in proper situations.



        1.报道应包括图表中的所有内容;2. 叙述中要适当增加个人观点,对学生上网情况进行评论,并提出建议;3.词数:100左右;4. 参考词汇:做调查make a survey

        Dear editor,

        I have recently made a survey among 30 boys and 30 girls in our class about their purpose(s) of getting on the Internet. The girls’ favorite is chatting, but few boys like it. What boys like to do most is playing games and the girls also like them. Both boys and girls like to read news or send e-mails on the Internet. Maybe they think it’s the most convenient way to get information or keep in touch with friends. As for studying, the numbers of boys and girls are equal, but altogether only several of them will use the Internet as a tool to study.

英语话题作文 篇4




        1. 这种单车的使用方法(如:APP查看车辆、扫码开锁等);

        2. 这种单车的优势;

        3. 你对这种单车的看法。

        注意:1. 词数不少于80;

        2. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

        提示词:智能手机 smartphone, 二维码 the QR code


        Dear Jim,

        I’m writing to tell you more about the new form of sharing bike--mobike mentioned in your latest letter.

        It’s very convenient to use if you have a smartphone. What you do is to find a nearest mobike through the APP, scan the QR code on the bike, and enjoy your trip.

        Compared to other forms of sharing bike, the greatest advantage of mobike is that you can easily find one and never worry about where to park it. It is becoming a new trend as a means of transportation, which relieves the traffic pressure and does good to the environment as well.

        Hope to ride a mobike with you in China.


        Li Hua









英语话题作文 篇5

Air pollution

        Air pollution comes from factories, power stations and cars. Chemicals in the smoke from power stations cause a lot of damage. They can travel hundreds of miles in the wind before falling to the ground in the rain. But this "chemical rain" gradually destroys trees in the forests and kills fish in the lakes. In Germany, over 50% of the country's trees had been damaged by the year 1986. Time and time again there are serious accidents that pollute the air. In 1986 there was a bad accident at a nuclear power station in Russia. A cloud of radiation crossed the whole of Europe. It is said that 125,000 people died in Russia as a result of illnesses caused by this accident.In 1984 there was a serious accident at a factory in India and a cloud of dangerous gas covered the town of Bhopal. Over 2,500 people were killed that night, and hundreds of thousands of people were injured. Many of the injured lost their sight.















        15%的同学的看法 (包括你在内)



        注意:1.文章的起始句已经给出; 2.词数100左右(不包括起始句);

        参考词汇: 报答: repay 学费: tuition 经济独立: financially independent Dear Editor,

        I’m writing to tell you about a recent discussion our class have had on whether or not university students should be financially independent.

        60% of the students think that university students don’t have to be financially independent, because trying to make money will affect their studies. They also think that they can repay their parents in the future.

        25% of my classmates hold the view that doing part-time jobs will help one gain work experience and learn more of society. Besides, when students find it hard to make money, they won’t waste their money any longer.

        15% of the students, including myself, partly agree with the opinions above. Personally I think that as grownups, we should not depend on our parents any more. However, if our parents can afford to pay the tuition for us, we should put our studies in the first place. Thank you for reading my letter Yours,


        How I Improve My Writing?

        I began to practice English writing a year ago. Though I’m very glad to say that I have made some progress, I still have a long way to go. Some pen friends and my classmates asked me how I improved my writing. Here I’d like to tell my story.

        When I began to learn writing last term, I made many mistakes in grammar and also in idioms. I often thought in Chinese and just translated what I had in mind into English. My English teacher, Mr. Sun, helped me. He pointed out my mistakes and told me that I should try to think in English, not in Chinese, pay attention to English grammar and idioms, and use simple sentences whenever I can. I did as he said. When I finished writing, I read it very carefully and checked it up. As soon as I found out mistakes, I corrected them at once. I have kept on doing this and found I am making fewer mistakes than before. My teacher says I have improved a lot and he encourages me to continue practicing. No pains, no gains. Through nearly a year of practice, my writing has improved. I’m very lucky that two of my short English articles have been carried in the newspapers. I have become even more interested in writing. I’m an ordinary girl and I’m not very clever. But I know it is very important to keep on practicing. Practice makes perfect. So I think three things are important in learning writing: first, we must be sure of ourselves; second, we sh ould pay attention to English grammar and idioms; third, we must keep on practicing and be more careful in writing. Do you think so?


        The Huang Mountain is a place of interest. here are lots of tourists seeing sights every day. Years ago, some of them paid no attention to environment protection. They threw about waste paper, plastic bags and tins. Besides, they killed animals, caught birds, destroyed trees and flowers. Worse still,

        they often made a fire to cook in the forest. That was dangerous. Changes have taken place now. When tourists leave, they take away rubbish with them. They no longer hunt animals. Plants are also protected. All the tourists carry their lunch in order not to start forest fire. We must sing high praise of the good deeds.




        1首先,尤其重要的,最重要的 above all

        2偶然,无意中 by accident

        3对(于)…很积极 be active in

        4合计为 add up to

        5承让错误 admit one’s mistake

        6接受某人的建议 take / follow one’s advice

        7就…提出建议 give advice on

        8建议某人做某事 advice sb. to do sth.

        9后天 the day after tomorrow

        10毕竟;终究 after all

        11违心 against one’s will

        12在…岁时 at the age of

        13实现目标 achieve one’s aim

        14在空中;悬而未决 in the air

        15在户外,在露天里 in the open air

        16在机场 at the airport

        17火警 the fire alarm

        18满腔怒火 be filled with anger

        19因某人之言行而生气 be angry at sth.

        20生某人的气 be angry with sb.

        21通知 make an announcement

        22相继地,按顺序地 one after another

        23相互,彼此(三者或三者以上之间)one another

        24相互(指两者之间) each other

        25没有回答 give no answer

        26为…而担心 be anxious about

        27急于做某事 be anxious to do sth.

        28分开住 live apart

        29除了 apart from

        30因某事向某人认错或道歉 make/offer an apology to sb for sth.



       1、Private School

       (1) 现在社会上有各种各样的私立学校和培训学校

       (2) 私立学校和培训学校的利与弊。


       With the development of the society and economy, there arise a lot of new things. Various Private schools are one of them. When you open newspapers, when you turn on TV, when you walk on the road, you will inevitably see lots of advertisements about private schools. There are private schools mainly dealing with foreign languages, computers, music, sports , and so on.

       However, is it a good or bad thing to have so many private schools? As a coin has two sides, so are the private schools concerning their advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, private schools can meet the special need of the society and the special need of people. On the other hand, they often bring people extra burden because of comparison and competition. Were it left to me decide whether we should have a society without private schools or a society with private schools , I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

       2、Is It Necessary to Attend Training Classes

       1. State the graph briefly; (图表略)

       2. Give the possible reasons for the phenomenon;

       3. Your opinion.


       It can be seen from the graph that great changes have taken place in the number of training classes in the past fifteen years. On the one hand, before the 90s, the increase of the training classes was not so great. On the other hand, there has been a sharp increase in the training classes after the 90s.

        What are the reasons for the change? There are three reasons for this. First, with the development of the society, more and more people pay much attention to the improvement of their ability, which they hope to improve through special training classes. Second, to most people, training plays a direct part in helping them to attain their goal quickly and efficiently. Third, with the improvement of the people’s living standards, more and more people regard it as a preferable way to spend their spare time.

       As far as I am concerned, I think it is necessary to attend training classes. For one thing, they can play a very important role in help you to attain your goal quickly and efficiently. For another, you can learn not only what you need quickly but also a new way to broaden your horizon.



        Imagine a typical student named Lucy that has to get up early to attend extra courses on weekends. First, she went to Pudong to have a skectching lesson. Then, she has to ride the car back to Songjiang to attend a music course. Hours were spent on transportation, but she only learn few things. We all have experiences like that. Transportation between places wastes much time and we should avoid them. Today, we're going to talk about why it's such a big problem and the possible solutions to it.

        Firstly, a huge amount of people's time was spent on transporting. According to velaction.com, citizens spend one-fourth of thier time in average on tranportation. This lower our efficiency and the knowledge we could learn. Secondly, transportation makes children bored and unhappy. According to nationalexpresstransit.com, long periods of transportation may have impact on students' memory and arithemetric. Again, this makes us learn less things in the same amount of time, not more.

        The best solution to this problem is to learn more online at home. Firstly, we can schedule our own learning at home. According to mindtools.com, students can manage their study time as they want and they can be more effective when learning. This lets us improve our efficiency and learn how to manage our time. Secondly, we can just stay at home and waste no more time on transportation.

        In conclusion, if we study online, we can improve our learning efficiency the most. Online courses also have a advantage because it's cheaper and it have proffesional teachers. More and more students will choose to learn online in the future.


        My name is Chen Wei.Female.I was born at Taizhou,Zhejiang in March,1983.I began my schooling at Huanshan Primary School and learned there for six years. After that I entered Taizhou Middle School in 1996 and graduated in 2002.In the autumn of the same year I was admitted to Zhejiang University,majoring in English in Foreign Language College.Besides,I also studied Chinese,politics,history,geography and computer science.Drawing,taking photos and swimming are my hobbies.What's more,I am skilled in typing and I once won the first prize in the typing contest in English held by our college.



        In the Sunday, me and my family to Yancheng Spring Park to play. To the Spring and Autumn Park, I saw a beautiful rockery seat, there is water flowing out of the mountains. To the Confucian Scholars 100 homes, we can see a statue of Confucius and his students study the statue. We then walked to see a 4D show homes, which we see the "Legend of Yancheng City," three-dimensional movies.

        Entertainment subject area in spring and there merry, canyon rafting, fly so high and other titles. We play a canyon drift, where the hardships, hair-raising, the water will cool from time to time in our body. Then, my father and I play a high-altitude flight, while it increased side spin, turn my head spin. About, and I even cardinal points are not quite sure of.

        Me and my family came to the water recreation area, there are water plum pile, water single-plank bridge, water chains ... chains ... I play in the water, I stood two chains, and felt a little flustered, afraid to move forward walk, then father, mother's encouragement, I adjusted the tempo, getting faster and faster, soon went to the shore.

        Today, we are having a great time, Yancheng Spring Park is truly our paradise!


        We all came to this world alone. Facing the uncertain future, we need not only the guidance of parents and teachers, but also the friends who can support each other and move forward. However, can everyone become our real good friends? If you have a friend, happy things, he shares with you; Sad things, he shared for you; He gives you encouragement when you are discouraged. When lonely, he gives you warmth?Needless to say, he must be your real friend. If you have a friend, you can drink together, have fun together and call each other brothers. However, there is no equal treatment and sincere communication between each other, and even there is another purpose, so you can be sure that he is not your true friend and is not worth your sincere efforts. Good friends can encourage us to go forward and benefit us immensely. Improper friends may bring us many bad habits and may make us regret for life. When we grow up, we inevitably care about what others think of us. We are most afraid that our friends will not accept us and make us lonely. Therefore, sometimes in order to gain recognition, we may deliberately cater to the habits and needs of our friends. Therefore, we must choose our friends carefully so as not to be used by people with ulterior motives.