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简介英语作文中国街边小吃       英语作文中国街边小吃的今日更新是一个不断变化的过程,它涉及到许多方面。今天,我将与大家分享关于英语作文中国街边小吃的最新动态,希望我的介绍能为有需要的朋友提供一些帮助。1.以陕西关中








       Shaanxi is divided into northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong, 3 parts of southern Shaanxi, each with its own characteristics.

       Northern Shaanxi snack: steamed steamed yellow, belly up wine, buckwheat pancake, a bowl of weight, wiped potato, rice Qian Qian ...

       Guanzhong snack: biangbiang surface (the word that I can not play out) steamed stone, rolling Mianpi Qishan, Liang Pi, horseshoe Longxian crisp, fried jelly, honey cool dumplings, noodles Qishan, Guokui ....

       Southern Shaanxi snack: Bang Bang Hanzhong area, the Royal Ningqiang walnut cake, rice Hanzhong leather, meat, beef jerky Xixiang, tofu dishes, and Chi are meat, wine Ankang Mi, steamed kang kang, the well-being steam-style noodles ...



       Smelly Toufu has a long history,it is a kind of extremely unique flavor,ancient and traditional,once taste,it is unable to stop,a taste for fast.In China and all over the world production mode and edible way.there were differences in region,nanjing,changsha and shaoxing.Smelly Toufu is quite famous,but its production and taste are a great difference.though is it smells smelly,tastes sweet,this is the characteristics of stinky tofu.Eat Smelly Toufu,can increase appetite,also can play the role of prevention health care.




       First of all,Tofu into cubes and put it into the boiling water pot, sprinkle a little salt, and cook 1 to 2 minutes to remove;Then, wok vegetable oil, heat and pour into bean jam, ginger and cayenne Pepper, stir-fry until the fragrance shed;At last,The chunks poured into the wok, add soy sauce, salt, garlic, then stir well.




       the vegtables and tofu soup is simple and delicious .if you want a bowl of soup ,it is simple to do either .first you cut the cabagge into little piece ,the cabagge weight almost 500g ,then you shoud make the tofu into several pieces.Put a pot on the fire .heating the pot ,putting some oil ,putting the cabbage and some vinegger and a bowl of water .when the water boilling ,you should put the tofu to the pot .and after two minutes ,puts another bowl water into the pot.after the water in the pot boilling you should contain the soup to your big beautiful bowl . a delicious and hot vegetable tofu soup finished.




       Stinky tofu is one of my most love to eat snacks, as a chowhound, natural to eatall kinds of flavor snack. Stinky tofu, true to their name, nature is very smelly,passers-by from the sale of Stinky tofu snack shop front walk almost have held his nose, as will pollute their noses. But as far as I am concerned, I thinkeverything is not only on the surface.

       See the stinky tofu snack shop full ofpeople, I also walked into the shop and ordered a stinky tofu, entrance juicy,once the taste is often unable to stop, a taste for fast. Smells, tastes fragrant, this is the stinky tofu. And in numerous stinky, stinky tofu in Shaoxing during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, was the palace Yuci as "tribute", the production process is different from other production methods, all handmade has spread so far andbecome Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance product, so that people eatobsession.





       King Liu An of Huainan,the Western Han Dynasty is the grandson of Liu Bang,in 164 BC,was crowned king of Huainan,the city at Shouchun?Ie Anhui Shouxian County Chengguan?,famous ancient and modern in the Shouchun city.Liu Anhao Neo Confucianism,desire ever-young operation,spared no expense to recruit art scholars,there are many famous Soviet non,Li Shang,Tian,Leibo,by Wu Bo,Jin Chang,indumentum,Zuo Hao eight people,known as the "eight".Liu An and Hachi accompanied,Deng Beishan made furnace,refining elixir to life.They take the mountains,"Pearl","spring","horse" Sanquan water Qinglie grinding Douzhi,he Douzhi cultivate Dan Miao,alchemy unexpectedly fail,soybean milk and the synthesis of an aromatic brine attractive,white and tender.Local farmer to take bold and eat,even delicious,so called "tofu".Kitayama renamed from "in",Liu An also inadvertently become a tofu ancestors.Since Liu An invented tofu,Bagongshan for tens of miles around the country,a be worthy of the name "bean town".The bean curd will naturally have bean curd dishes.In others,not to say the housewife,is fourteen five years old baby can make several flavors of tofu dishes.After the reform and opening up,in the streets of the "tofu shop" meet the eye everywhere,known far and wide.Not only that the local people often come to see,Hefei,Bengbu and other neighboring cities and counties who regularly visit "bean curd",even Germany,Britain,Japan,Holland,Czech,Slovakia,Hongkong,Taiwan and other countries and regions of the guests are often gathered in,taste "Peach-Shaped Mantou tofu","bean curd," Pipa "grape tofu","bean curd as money" 400 balance modeling realistic,colorful,unusual taste,unique flavor of the bean curd dishes.Soybeans in water becomes tofu processing,


       My hometown is chaozhou. Chaozhou though is a small city, but there are many delicious snacks. Said to eat, I'm a "gourmet", today introduced first of my favorite chaozhou snacks!!!!

       When I was young, I'll own baby talk in from the market, "my mother bought some snacks, and teach me: this is salty fruit, our most famous snacks in chaozhou; This is the bamboo shoots fruit, chaozhou the person is also very like to eat; This is ChunBing, and is a delicious snacks; This is.........

       I'm very fond of chaozhou snacks, often bothering my mother bought for me to eat.

       I am about to enter in primary school, and mom started teaching me: salty fruit, you don't see it, like small is ordinary. Salt water embellish skin and thick, the inside of the salted turnip to salty and broken son

       我的家乡是潮州。虽然是一个小城市潮州,但有许多美味的小吃。说到吃,我是一个“美食”,今天向大家介绍我最喜爱的零食潮州第一! ! ! ! ! ! !



       Shanghai Food

       Shanghai boasts one of China's best and most

       distinctive cuisines.Influenced by its position just south of the

       Yangtze and at the mouth of the Huangpu,the region abounds in a

       selection of freshwater fish and shellfish.Dishes from this area are

       lightly and delicately seasoned.Shanghai's people have a 'sweet

       tooth',and more sugar is used in Shanghai than in any other part of

       China.Shanghai's neighbors also contribute to the diversity of the

       area's cuisine:Hangzhou,known for its West Lake carp; Zhejiang to the

       west,for its vinegar; and Shaoxing,for its warmed rice wine.






       The Shaanxi characteristic snack


       Beef (Lamb) Stew of Bread


        is one of the most famous snacks in xi’an .You have to break the

       steamed bread into small pieces and add other material.Then drink a

       small bowl of fresh soup ,you will find the fragrance mouthful,long

       aftertaste.There is varies material in it ,such as green

       onion(青葱),garlic(大蒜),coriander(香菜),red brown beef and mutton and so on

       .It is very delicious .


       2.镜糕Wooden cages mirror cake


        cages mirror cake is a kind of traditional snack in xi’an; Its making

       process is very simple .First ,choose high quality glutinous rice flour

       and put it into a small wooden steamer ,second,sprinkle with some red or

        green bean as an auxiliary material,then stove it over steam blown; The

        feature is ,white color,small and round,rather like a small

       mirror,hence it’s called ‘mirror cake’;