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简介英语作文搜索引擎怎么写       希望我能够回答您有关英语作文搜索引擎怎么写的问题。我将根据我的知识库和研究成果回答您的问题。1.对大学生活的期望英语作文,怎么写?2.去到夏天英文怎么写





3.英语作文 怎么写







       When I was in high school , I had dreamt of having a wonderful life in college . I said to myself that I would do lots of interesting things to make the next few years filled with happiness. I even make a detailed plan . but when I entered college I found it quite different from what I thought before ,I felt a little depressed .As I don’t know what to do after class .in fact , we have far less lessons than we had in high school;. So , what should I do in the long spare time . I didn’t know ,so I spent much of my time reading , you know ,some novels , but ,day after day ,I began to feel boring only to read . Will the next four years be the same ? I wondered .if so , I will be crazy ,Four years have too much spare time , four years reading novels ,four years feel depressed ,I couldn’t think more about it .So after a period of several weeks , I started to make a plan for my college life , in order to make it colorful and valuable . First of all , I should get up early in the morning rather than sleep late , even on the weekends, then I can do some exercises as body building .Second , I should go to the library , of course , not just for novels , other kinds of books like maths , English are included . if I still have some spare tie , I will find a part-time job . in this way , I could gain some money and what is the most important, experience , I can know more about the real world .




        对比类型的 英语 作文 ,就是 文章 中有对于两种或者多种观点的比较对比。下面是我给大家整理了对比比较型英语作文,供大家参阅!



        A Good Major or a Good University

        There is no consensus of opinion among people as to the choice between a good major or a good university before college enrollment. Some people who are in favor of the idea of having a good major hold that it can ensure one?s future success. For one thing, a good major, even in a common university, can help its students become rare talents, thus gaining in advantages for future competition. For another, a good major boasts various exclusive learning recourses which makes it highly possible for students to further their education. Therefore, a good major is more important.

        However, those who insist on choosing a good university argue that graduates from famous universities are popular in talent market. In their opinions, a good university can give students confidence, which is very helpful in their study and future work. In addition, a good university has a set of educating system, incomparable with common university. Thus it is wiser to choose a good university.

        In my viewpoint, a good university should be my only choice. If there is a chance, who doesn?t want to enter Bejing or Qinghua, Harvard or Yale? That is to say, a good university is worthy of every effort. In a word, a good university is of great importance in one?s future development.


        A Good Major or a Good University

        When asked to choose between a good major or a good university before college enrollment, people have different opinions. Many people believe that a good university means great advantage for job application after graduation. On the one hand, a good university has good reputations, which adds credits for its graduates. On the other hand, a good university has all sorts of channels to help graduates get a good job. All these point to the indispensability of a good university.

        However, others claim that a good major is all that counts. As far as they are concerned, excellent teaching staff of a good major makes sure that the student are sufficiently trained in the chosen field. Moreover, if one chooses a major that is most needed by the society, not only will he/she find a job easily, but they will contribute much to the society.

        As for me, such choice should be made according to our academic interest. Because whether a major or a university is good depends on how we look at it. If certain major or university fits our interest, it will be considered good. What?s more, interest is the best teacher, so a choice of our own interest can help us overcome difficulties in the study. Therefore, let our interest decide for us.


        The Pros and Cons of Dormitory Life

        There is a heated debate over whether students should be required to live in dormitory. It is commonly accepted that dormitory life is a very important part of college life, so students should live in dormitory. In contrast, others think that students have the right to choose other places for accommodation.

        Those who hold the first opinion suggest that dormitory life is colorful and interesting. In their view, when young people live in one dormitory, they tend to create and enjoy a culture of their own. However, others think dormitory life can be annoying. They argue that dormitory is always crowded and one can hardly feel convenient and comfortable.

        Considering one after another, I stand on the side of the first group. First of all, I am interested in living with students from different places so that I can contact with special cultures. Furthermore, I can learn how to get along with other people from dormitory life. Thirdly, I like making friends and dormitory life gives me such chance. Therefore, I think dormitory life is worthy of living.



英语作文 怎么写

       1. 关于夏天的英语作文怎么写

        给你提供一下,主要参照他的格式去写,例如 Firstly ,secondly 等! 希望能帮助到你

        Summer is the second season in a year. It is beeen spring and autumn. The sun of summer is the hottest; the water of summer is the warmest; the places of interests in summer are the most crowded throughout the world.

        Firstly, summer is students' the most favourite season because their longest vacations of the year are in summer. Many of them try to enrich their social and healthy life by participating in a number of interesting outdoor activities, include of camping with friends and family members, going to the beach or swimming at public pools, traveling and sightseeing locally and nationally. However, some of them try to make good use of their vacations in gaining their working experiences in summer. Other students may try to improve their academic performance by going to their summer schools.

        Secondly, summer is a pleasant season for all kinds of cold foods and juicy fruits. Ice cream is our all time favourite dessert. Yeh, I love ice cream so much . I have to eat some ice cream almost everyday in summer. There are a lot of fresh fruits selling everywhere. Watermelon is proudly rated to be the most demanding fruit in the season. All kinds of iced drinks are greatly demanded in summer.

2. 夏天英文怎么写




        名词 n.



        3.壮年;全盛期[the S]

        The Tang dynasty is thought of as the high summer of Chinese poetry.


        不及物动词 vi.


        及物动词 vt.



        名词 n. [C]


3. 喜欢夏天的英语作文不知道怎么写,怎么办啊


        I like summer

        Like summer, because summer can go swimming, swimming can exercise the body, also very fun, also can eat watermelon in summer and ice cream, also can join the summer camp in summer, summer camp is fun, I like the summer camp, summer camp there are a lot of fun activities, you can also learn a lot of extra-curricular knowledge. You can also play on the lawn. I like summer very much!




4. 夏天的英文怎么写





        n. 夏季;全盛时期;adj. 夏季的;vi. 避暑;过夏天;n. 人名。


        Indian summer 愉快宁静的晚年

        Summer Glau 萨摩·格拉

        in summer 在夏季

        Summer draught 夏季吃水

        Summer Love 夏日之恋

        summer jobs 暑期工作

        Summer begins 立夏


        1、The summer house was buried deep in the forest.


        2、The rice dampened and molded during the summer rains.


        3、A cold shower always refreshes us in summer.


        4、The long summer vacation is over.


        5、We've had too much rain this summer.


        6、It has been especially hot this summer.


        7、My only other advice is to cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey, as I have done this summer.


5. 夏天的英语怎么写


        读音:英 [?s?m?(r)] 美 [?s?m?]




        复数: summers


        1、It was a perfect summer's day.


        2、The summer came to an end


        3、It was a hot, humid summer day






        读音:英 [spr?] 美 [spr?]





        第三人称单数: springs 复数: springs 现在分词: springing 过去式: sprang 过去分词: sprung

        例句:The spring es and peach blossoms [ flowers] are all open.



        读音:英 [?w?nt?(r)] 美 [?w?nt?]




        第三人称单数: winters 复数: winters 现在分词: wintering 过去式: wintered 过去分词: wintered

        例句:In winter the nights are long and cold.



        读音:英 [?:t?m] 美 [?t?m]



        复数: autumns

        例句:Autumn's my favourite season.


6. 夏天用英语怎么说


        summer 英[?s?m?(r)] 美[?s?m?]

        n. 夏,夏天; 全盛时期,黄金时代,壮年时期; [建] 大梁,檀条,楣,柱顶石; 岁数;

        adj. 夏季的;

        v. 度过夏季,避暑; 使度过夏季,夏季放牧(家畜);

        [例句]I escaped the heaave in London earlier this summer and flew to Cork


        It was a perfect summer's day.


        He used to spend childhood summers with his grandparents.


        I enjoyed an agreeable holiday this summer.


        The summer came to an end


        The long summer vacation is over.


7. 关于夏天的英文文章

        In the summer,the days are longer and the nights are shouter.It's very hot.People like to go swimming.I like swimming very much.So I often go to the swimming poll in the summer .And I can swim very well.

        In the summer the trees and leaves are green.Flowers are open too.People don't like to go outside.They want to stay at home.Because in the room.It's very cool.

        In the summer.People like to eat ice-cream.So there are many kinds of ice-cream.

        I like swimming and I like eat ice-cream.So I like summer too.





       How to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes

        Scrambled egg with tomato is a home-cooked food, it both delicious and easy to do.

        Do scrambled egg with tomato need raw materials have a tomato, three eggs, a green salt-pepper and oil.

        First will tomatoes and green pepper and chop. Then the eggs break in a bowl and stir. Then the eggs bowl put some salt and stir. Finally the heating, put some oil in the pan, and then put into the tomato and egg and green pepper. Stir-fry well after turn off the heat with plate rigged up.