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简介英语人物传记作文200字       下面,我将以我的观点和见解来回答大家关于英语人物传记作文200字的问题,希望我的回答能够帮助到大家。现在,让我们开始聊一聊英语人物传记作文200字的话题。1.Ӣ?????ﴫ??????200??2.求一篇介绍名人的









       1、Li Bai (ca 705 - 762), also called Li Po, is probably China's most famous poet. A great deal has been written about him. This commentary focuses on his connection to the qin. In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy, p.53), "In the first centuries of the Tang dynasty, the poets Meng Haoran and Li Bo further promoted the cultivation of a special literati affiliation with this instrument." 2Li Bai(701-762) is regarded as the greatest romantic poet of the Tang dynasty(618-907) and of China of all times.Born in Central Asia,as it is believed,he moved with his family to Sichuan at the age of five.In 725,he traveled down the Changjiang(Yangzi) River when he wrote The Moon over the Eyebrow Mountains and Farewell beyond the Thorn-Gate Gorge,in which both the moon and water are personified.and which reveal his deep love of nature as well as of his native land.In 727,he was married to the granddaughter of an ex-minister Xu.In 730,he came to Chang'an,the Tang capital,in the hope of meeting people of influence who would help him to realize his poltical ideal.Disappointed,he wrote Lovesickness in which he compared his yearning to the love for a woman.Hard Is the Way of the World and Hard Is the Road to Shu which is supposed to be his most important work in the first period of his verse-making.In 735,he wrote Invitation to Wine in which he revealed his love of drink was due to his disappointment in his career.After the death of his first wife,he move with his children to East Lu(present-day Shangdong Province).Famed for his poetry,he was summoned to the capital in 742 to write poems and songs for the emperor and his favorite mistress of which the best-known are the three stanzas on The Beatufiful Lady Yang.In 744,he left Chang'an for Luoyang where he met Du Fu and a warm friendship and exchange of poems began that lasted lifelong.In 746,he traveled in the south and wrote Mount Skyland Ascended in a Dream which,according to S.Obata,might rival Coleridge's Kubla Khan in its transcendent beauty and imaginative power,but which was written more than one thousand years earlier.In 753,he visited Xuan-cheng(in present-day Anhui Province) and wrote many poems in the pavilion of Xia Tiao.In 755,An Lushan raised the standard of rebellion,and Li Bai was called to join the loyal forces led by Prince Yong in an attempt to resist the rebels.His political aspirations revived and he wrote this Songs of Eastern Expedition of Prince Yong.When the prince was defeated,he was banished to Ye-lang(in present-day Guizhou Province) until an amnesty(大赦)was declared in 759.When he regained his liberty,he wrote his joyful quatrain Leaving the White Emperor Town for Jiangling.In 760,the revisited the Lu Mountains(in present-day Jiangxi Province) and wrote the Song of Mount Lu which manifests his conversion to Taoism.In 762,he died at the age of sixty-two,chanting his last poem "On Death bed".


       Bill Gates(比尔·盖茨)

       Bill Gates was born on Oct, 28 in 1955 and grew up in Seattle with his two sisters. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Bill Gates had his elementary school and high school education is Seattle. And it was during that time Bill founded that his interests lying in writing programs and began to write programs at 13.

       In 1973, Bill Gates was matriculated by Harvard but he quitted from Harvard three years later. He put all his time and energy into designing programs for Microsoft Cooperation which established in 1975 by Bill and his friend Paul Allen. He was committed to long –term development and improving the functions

       Owing to Bill’s talent and efforts, Microsoft developed rapidly and its software won more and more reputations among the publics.

       What’s more, Bill is also committed to philanthropy. So far, he has donated more than 24 billion dollars to establish a fund to support medical security and education careers in the world.

       Bill Gates married Melinda French Gates on Jan, 1st in 1994.They have three children .In the spare time, Bill has passion in reading books and playing golf.


       He is legend

        Jeremy Lin from Taiwan, for a typical ABC ( 在美国出生的华人 ).On the season as a top four player, Jeremy Lin will bring to the hitherto unknown height of Harvard University, has made the school in NNAA(美国大学体育总会) history the most victory.

        After graduating from Harvard, Jeremy Lin took part in this year 's NBA draft, but fail in official nowhere, because the NBA player basically not Ivy League players have any hope.Don't give up the Jeremy Lin chose to represent the Mavericks in the NBA Summer League, and wizards champion John wall 's direct dialog, Jeremy Lin had13points and 4 rebounds, did not fall ahull, it gets people to sit up and take notice of him.

        On July 21, 2010, Chinese genius, Harvard Jeremy Lin successfully landing NBA. He and Jinzhou warriors reached an agreement, both sides signed a two-year basic salary contract. At this point, Jeremy Lin became the first Chinese American history of the NBA player. Believe that he in the next competition will be more luster.







       Tu Youyou,a great scientist(身份),was born in Ningbo,Zhejiang Province(出生地).She is already more than eighty years old.(年龄)After she graduated,she has been working on medicine.She has collected and developped more than 2,000 traditional Chinese recipes(收集并研究了2000多种传统中药处方)All her projects were set in China.(她的研究都在国内开展) At that time,malaria is a deadly disease,which consumed the life of.Tu,together with her colleagues,devoted themselves to finding a cure for malaria.She finally found Artemisinin,which was effective to treat malaria.(发现了青蒿素,可以治愈疟疾)Millions of people around the world were saved because of her invention.(高分句型)(她的发现拯救了全世界几百万人的性命)Due to making such a great contribution to the world,she was awarded with the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with two other foreign scientists.(被授予2015诺贝尔医学奖)

        Tu was the first Chinese scientist who got the prize(高分句型).We are all proud of her.(高分句型)(评价)

       Let me move the historical figures I love reading, although I was a little girl, I love to see is a historical biography, so I moved there are many historical figures, a patriotic hero, inventor, poet and writer of them...... The deepest impression is uncle Lei Feng, because he is kind, honest and helpful, thrift did give me a deep impression. Uncle Lei Feng is an ordinary Chinese people's Liberation Army soldier, but he used a short life to help many people. He has always insisted on the "limited life, into the unlimited service for the people" as the goal of life. Once, Lei Feng went out to change in Shenyang station, a wicket, found that people around a middle-aged woman carrying a child, the women from Shandong District of Jilin to look at the husband, the ticket and the money lost. Lei Feng used his allowance to buy a train ticket to Jilin into the hands of sister-in-law, sister-in-law was full of tears. A resident of Fushun floods, transport links to the flood command, Lei Feng endured just participated in the fire burned hand pain and his comrades in the Temple Reservoir Dam spent seven days and nights, is recorded in a two. The deeds of Lei Feng. There are many learning... Uncle Lei Feng, we must learn from his study assiduously to the spirit of "nails"; learning his thrift good habits; he "serve the people wholeheartedly learning dimension", thanklessness, unknown to the public spirit of selfless dedication. As a primary school student, I want to start from the bit by bit, from the side to start, to give students a friendly smile, more difficult for people to lend a helping hand. Uncle Lei Feng's life, although very short, but issued a golden ray of light, warm the hearts of many people. Lei Feng spirit will always inspire me to move forward, the spirit of Lei Feng is always a model for us to learn.